Adaptive has experienced major growth in the 15 years since it's founding. Our current staff of 18, including 4 engineers, a full machine shop with CNC capabilities, full welding shop, and a staff of highly qualified machine builders. Our new facility of 16,000 sq. feet has been organized to segregate the fabrication areas from our clean assembly areas. All of this will lead to better designed, better built custom fabricated automated assembly machines.

Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies was incorporated in 1994 during the 'Cold War Bust' economy on Long Island, with the motto "Keep it Simple." Long Island, at one time being a high tech industry hub in aerospace, was now changing. With a large workforce in technology, engineering, and manufacturing, the direction changed from very large companies to a medium to small company economy.

Adaptive was formed from this environment. The emphasis on well engineered, robust machines, combined with the manufacturing talent created a company that is well suited for 'Individually Engineered' Factory Automation.
Our approach to problem solving and design is rooted in the Aerospace industry's 'live or die,' mentality.

Each piece of equipment goes through the process of Conception, Design, Fabrication, Assembly, Wiring, Programming, Testing, Debugging, Final Testing, Customer Testing, Final Acceptance, Delivery, Installation, and most importantly, the critical post delivery operating trial phase.

During this process our engineers, technicians, machinists, and quality control personnel are watching and working with our customers to address their specific needs. Our standards for machine building include our eye for sturdy, robust, quality equipment that looks as good as it performs.

Details, such as fully welded steel tubular frames, high quality industrial PLCs and controls, ball bearing guided assemblies, and full lexan safety enclosures (lightly smoked for visibility), help the owners of the machine maintain and operate them at maximum efficiency.

Our operating manual is fully documented, and used in training during the acceptance phase of the machine.